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In this class mixed media artist Natalie Mecham will show you a modern approach of incorporating embroidery into painting.

This class is for all skill levels, whether you are just beginning your embroidery journey or in need of inspiration and new techniques to explore.

Step by step instruction as well as patterns to follow are included. You will receive exclusive patterns for Creative Threads students only.

Lesson 1 – Autumn’s Bee

We will be creating a beautiful bee surrounded with branches.  In a warm color scheme this bee will look wonderful displayed on your wall.

For this lesson Natalie Mecham will show you how to transfer the design onto fabric using water-soluble paper, how to blend colors to create a detailed bee and to mount the finished piece directly into the hoop for display.

 Lesson 2 – Vase of Whimsy

With a sweet little bird and a stunning sunflower in a fun striped vase this piece is sure to bring a bit of whimsy into your home.

In this lesson Natalie Mecham will demonstrate how to sketch her design directly onto the fabric, how to add mixed media elements to your embroidery piece as well as how to create fun stitches.

 Lesson 3 – Winter’s Happiness

In this lesson Natalie Mecham showcases the technique that sparked her love for needlework. You will be able to use either the line drawing of this illustration or create your own painting and have it printed onto fabric if you choose to. Various stitches and techniques are demonstrated to enhance this piece and bring beautiful texture to it.

 Lesson 4 – Tree Ornament (Bonus)

Your tree will be unique filled with hand stitched ornaments. What a great gift as a holiday tradition!

Natalie Mecham will demonstrate how to create a sweet little tree decorated with berries and flowers and how to embellish and finish it with a hoop for display. The beautiful patterned fabric enhances this simple design.

What will you learn in this class?

·       * How to work from a pattern

·       * What type of fabric to use

·       * Various design transfer methods

·      *  Materials needed for embroidery

·       * How to blend colors

·       * How to finish a hoop for display

·       * Basic stitches to more advanced stitches

·      *  How to incorporate mixed media elements

·       * How to choose colors

·       * How to place colors throughout your piece to achieve balance

·      *  How to use fabric with a printed design as your base

·       * How to create hair with thread

·       * How to create a Christmas tree ornament

You will learn everything you need to know to get started or to grow your passion for needlework.  This class is designed for those who love to do something different with their art to create a truly unique piece.

Supply List:

A more in-depth list will be available in class.

Embroidery Hoop

Embroidery needles

Embroidery thread aka Embroidery Floss


Basic drawing supplies


Pastel pencils, colored pencils or inktense pencils

Small amount of Wool roving or quilt batting

Printed designs

Printed fabric

Transfer water-soluble paper fabric


Anything you wish to use to embellish your pieces, like beads

* The class access information and FB group invitation will be sent out to the students November 21, 2019.

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7 thoughts on “Creative Threads

  1. Peg Macklin says:

    I am looking forward to combining my two favorite art mediums, painting and embroidery work. I had a taste of it from Jeanne Marie’s class [week 40] making a thread painting. So much fun in the coming weeks. This is my Christmas present to me, this year. Peg

  2. Daria says:

    I’m so excited about this class. I did embroidery when I was a kid, so this is going to bring about some nostalgia for sure. I can’t wait to do some more and to combine the watercolor technique. So excited!!!

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