An Ode To Woman – daily portrait challenge (New, 2021)


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Registration is now open – SIGN UP BELOW:

  •  Sign up here:
  • Challenge starts February 7th
  • Duration 30 days. Challenge ends March 8th.
  • 5 different themes
  • 30 references to create from
  • surprise guest artists to inspire!
  • WIP shots and mini inspirational videos 
  • FB group to share your work and Instagram account to follow 
  • Challenge starts February 7th through Match 8th (International Women’s Day)

It is not a secret that practice makes it better! It is also not a secret that it’s not always easy to find the motivation for practicing. Together we can do it!

The goal of this challenge is to create 30 portraits in 30 days, using as little as 30 minutes a day.

What makes it even more exciting, that this challenge is dedicate to women! We are going to create portraits inspired by interesting women from past and present! The challenge is not by chance ends on March 8th, which is International Woman Day!

To make this challenge even more fun I invited guest artists from our creative community! Those amazing ladies agreed to take a part and will share with you their work in progress shots and even a few mini videos! We on purpose make this part short and sweet, just enough to inspire, so you have more time to practice.

Are you excited as much we do?!! Yay!!!

Sign up here:



38 thoughts on “An Ode To Woman – daily portrait challenge (New, 2021)

  1. Robyn says:

    I feel I’m going to be totally inspired and can’t wait to get started! Thank you Olga and the other teachers for doing this!!!!

  2. Susan Burgess says:

    Thanks I try to do a class and then do my own thing so I can cure my own style with knowledge gained. A short free class however will be so nice. This whole month I was making pages for a journal and I can do these classes in the journal!
    Thank you Olga for this generous opportunity!


  3. Susan says:

    Thanks Olga. I’d love to join . Thanks so much for doing this . I just hope I can do it justice as I’ll be settling in after a move and some big crises that happened over the last few months , but I know it will be a good distraction for me .. so a big heaetfelt thanks ❣️💓

  4. alexandra says:

    Dear Olga, what a wonderful idea and offer. Especially portraits are my little problem, paint therefore rather faceless

  5. alexandra says:

    Dear Olga, what a wonderful idea and offer. Especially portraits are my little problem, paint therefore rather faceless. This is a good opportunity to learn to change this.

    (sorry previous sign up had an error in the mail address)

  6. Judy Middleton says:

    I am so looking forward to joining in. Practicing with some great artists is always welcomed and I can never learn too much. Thanks again for the invite!

  7. Tarran Caldwell says:

    Dear Olga Furman have just learned of your wonderful artwork through Deb Weiers site and would love to follow your community. I am leaving my name and email. Thank you so much. Tarran Caldwell.

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