How to become an affiliate for the PYHaS2024 online course

How to open your affiliate link

1. Click on the link below:

(If you don’t have an e-junkie account you will be asked to open one.
E-junkie doesn’t charge you to become an affiliate, it’s free. Please follow account opening instructions)

2. You should see “Olga Furman Art” chosen under “Your Affiliate Program“.

In the “Product-specific Links & Info” drop down please select the option Paint Your Heart and Soul 2024

3. Please copy the yellow text under “Text Link”this link is your affiliate link.
Please save your affiliate link for future use.
You will use it to direct your followers to purchase PYHaS2024 on my website. Any time a buyer clicks on this link and completes a purchase on my site – you will receive your % of the purchase.


For Facebook, Instagram and other social media, I suggest to shorten your affiliate link by using or TinyUrl.

How to test your affiliate link:

  1. Click your affiliate link, it should bring you to the PYHaS2024 registration page on my website.
  2. Click on the button “Pay Now” – I will refund it to you with your first payment
  3. While we are testing (until July 31, 2023), the price is set for $1.00
  4. A few minutes after your purchase, you will get a sale notification to the email address you registered your e-junkie account with. You will get those notifications every time a sale goes through your link

In case you lost your affiliate link, here is what to do:

1. Login to your e-junkie account
2. At the top of the navigation bar, click the Affiliate Admin button
3. Under Your Affiliate Programs, choose Olga Furman Art
4. Under Product-specific Links & Info Select Product↓ and choose Paint Your Heart and Soul 2024
5. Once you have completed Step 4, a box will appear with the “Product Hop” link in yellow. In green writing will be YOUR specific html code for your affiliate link

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you!