How PYHaS works



  • Course starts January 2, 2019.
  • Lessons will be posted in our virtual “Classroom” on Wednesdays (you can find the link to the “Classroom” in the email with course access information). 

* I usually post lessons around NOON EST. Sometimes I do it a little bit earlier or later

  • You can get back to the classroom from any lesson through the link “ Back to classroom“, which is located on the top of each page. (it is on this page too – scroll up to locate it)
  • Please sign up for the course Newsletter  (in the “classroom“) to get updates and class reminders through your email. Feel free to sign up with different email address from the email stated on your payment.
  • To insure my emails reach yours – please add to your Contact List in email. This email is used for newsletter only and doesn’t have monitored Inbox (do not reply). If you need to reach me – please use
  • Art Supplies for lessons, as well as the schedule, can be found under Tentative Calendar and Art Supplies link, which is also located in our Classroom , and will be posted a couple of weeks ahead of the lesson, or as soon as I get it from the instructors.
  • The instructions for HOW to DOWNLOAD videos and your Homework will be posted at the bottom of each lesson.
  •  To see other interesting links posted in our “classroom” make sure to scroll there all the way  down.


  • Facebook Group –  I will send you an invite to join our FB group within 48 hours to your email address associated with your payment.
  • if you login to FaceBook with different email address from the email associated with your payment – please send me this email address to : with sibject : “PYHaS2019 email address for FB group” 


  • Instructors are available in our FaceBook group for any questions during 2 weeks after their lessons are aired , but many instructors stay active in the group for longer.
  • (make sure to tag the instructor to your post
  • One-on-one consultations via messenger between an artist and a students are not included. Your questions in theFaceBook group are very welcome and could help not only you, but to other students too.
  • I’m personally visit our FaceBook group 5 days a week (I’m usually not on social media during weekends). I try to comment as much as possible and would LOVE to see your posts there!


Please click on the link above to find frequently asked question.

If you can’t find the answer to your question – please contact me via email for proper attention: with subject: “PYHaS2019” so I could easily spot your email from the mass emails (which I don’t open).


The PYHaS instructors and myself can’t wait to create together with YOU! ♥

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