Guideline for Facebook group


Guideline for Facebook group

Facebook group is created to share your homework from “PAINT YOUR HEART and SOUL” course ONLY, get feedback from the teachers and support from students, to meet new friends and have fun.

  • Instructors are available in our FaceBook group for any questions during 2 weeks after their lessons are aired , but many instructors stay active in the group for longer.
  • Make sure to tag the instructor to your posts if you have any questions
  • One-on-one consultations via messenger between an artist and a students are not included in the membership. Your questions in the FaceBook group are very welcome and could help not only you, but to other students too.
  • I’m personally visit our FaceBook group 5 days a week (I’m usually not on social media during weekends). I try to comment as much as possible and would LOVE to see your posts there!

Please DO NOT:

1. Please do not share any artwork or materials from other courses, workshops or
You can share it in my other very supportive group here:

2. If you have any technical problems – please email to rather to post it in the group, and we will take care of it asap
3. Please do not share any other unrelated information and discussions
4. Please do not share the password to our ‘’classroom’’ in the group discussion, even if
asked by a group member – rather ask them to contact me and I will take care of it
5. Please do not advertise your own business, including art pages ( it could be intimidating for others)
6. Please do not try to sell your artwork in the “classroom”

Please DO:

1. Please do share your artwork created based on lessons in PYhaS
2. Please do support and encourage each other by commenting on posts
3. Please do ask questions and seek advice, related to the course content.

4. Please tag teachers to insure they don’t miss your posts

5. Please mention the week number so we can easily to see all the art created during each week.
6. Please be respectful, kind, mindful and courteous to teachers and students

** I will not tolerate rudeness toward students and teachers. Any posts with rude comments will be removed and if this behavior is repeated – the
person will be deleted from the group permanently (I’ve never saw any rude posts before in our groups and I hope it will not going to happen in the future )

If you have any questions regarding any issues – please contact me via email:

These rules were created to keep this place safe and not intimidating for students of all levels.

Thank You!
Olga Furman