Garden Flowers (Vol.1) Welcome!


Dear friend,

Thank you very much for signing up for the Garden Flowers (Vol.1) online course!

The course opens Monday, June 26, 2017

Art Supplies:
Substrates: 4 Linen boards size 8”x 10” (or 9” x 12. or 11” x 14”)
(canvas boards is an option but much harder to work on)
Brushes: Synthetic brushes in a good shape or new for acrylic:
flat – 2”, 1.5”, 1”; filbert – around 0.25” ; round – medium and small for details.
Michael’s craft brushes with blue handles or Princeton brand work great.
Floating or Glazing medium, baby wipes – optional
Matte Medium
Pretty papers
Heavy Body acrylic paints, I used Reeves and Liquitex Basics
(any other brand will work just great)
Rose Madder,
Rose Red (Magenta)
Vermilion (Orange)
Cobalt Blue Hue
Light Blue permanent
Green Permanent
Indigo (optional)
Paynes Grey
Bright Aqua Green
Lime Yellow or Medium Yellow
Sand or Unbleached Titanium White
Deep Yellow (Indian Yellow)
Burnt Umber
I think this is all…
I’m looking forward to see you in “class!
P.S. Please add my email ( and to your contact list to avoid my emails end up in “Spam”, “Trash” or “Other” folders
Thank you . <3 <3 <3