Garden Flowers (Vol.1) online course


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* This course is for everyone who loves flowers and colors. No previous experience in drawing and painting is required.

**You will learn to use a multi layering technique to achieve a sophisticated and gorgeous appearance!

***This course includes hours of instructional footage. All videos are downloadable and can be kept forever on your own device.

****A Facebook student group will be available for students to share their work. I will provide feedback and answer your questions throughout the course.


Course includes:

Lesson 1 – Peony flower “how to” warm up practice (2 exercises)

Lesson 2 – ‘Peonies in a vase’ composition painting in acrylics

Lesson 3 – ‘Chrysanthemums in a vase/cup’ composition mixed media painting

Lesson 4 – Bonus lesson: Painting chrysanthemums in a different palette.  This is a sped up lesson which you will be easily able to follow and complete after completing Lesson 3

Lesson 5 – ‘Tulips in a pitcher ‘ composition mixed media painting

Mini Bonus – ‘Tulips in a pitcher’ transformation

Lesson 6 –  ‘Bouquet composition’ mixed media painting

Lesson 7 – Hydrangea flower “how to” warm up practice

Lesson 8 – Hydrangea composition mixed media


What you should know before purchasing the course:

  • You should have basic computer skills, such as be able to navigate through my website, and should be able to know how to use your printer to print images.
  • High speed internet is required to be able to watch the videos.
  • Firefox or Google Chrome to be able to download videos
  • There are no refunds, no exception. Once you purchase the  course, it is yours to keep.
  • Feel free to sell the paintings you create during this course. I will appreciate if you mention this course or my name. 

 Please purchase HERE

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Art Supplies:
Substrates: 4 Linen boards size 8”x 10” (or 9” x 12. or 11” x 14”)
Brushes: Synthetic brushes in a good shape or new for acrylic:
flat – 2”, 1.5”, 1”; filbert – around 0.25” ; round – medium and small for details.
(Michael’s craft brushes with blue handles or Princeton brand work great)
 Heavy Body acrylic paints, I used Reeves and Liquitex Basics
(any other brand will work just great)
Rose Madder (Cad. Red) ,
Rose Red (Magenta)
Vermilion (Orange)
Cobalt Blue Hue
Light Blue permanent
Green Permanent
Indigo (optional)
Paynes Grey
Bright Aqua Green
Lime Yellow or Medium Yellow
Sand or Unbleached Titanium White
Deep Yellow (Indian Yellow)
Burnt Umber
White and Gold
Floating or Glazing medium and baby wipes – optional
Matte Medium, Pretty papers
*P.S. You will get course access information within 24 hours after your payment. It will be sent to your email address you used for Paypal. Please check your SPAM and JUNK folders.
I’m looking forward to create together! <3 <3 <3
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offer expires June 23, 2017

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