The BIGGEST sale for collaborative classes and the BIGGEST auction of the year!

Hello dear art friend! 
Can you believe that 2020 is almost over?! So much happened this year… I would like to thank everyone for being here and for your support through this challenging time!

This year is our first and the BIGGEST sale yet for all the collaborative classes in once! Incredible offers are available till tomorrow, Wednesday November 12th, midnight EST.

By joining now you will get immediate and unlimited access to all the classes below!
Until Wednesday, November 11, midnight EST, the prices are as following:
Sparks Of inspiration $69 (Reg.price $119) 
Around The World Through Art – $79 (Reg.price $119)
Paint Your Heart and Soul 2017 – $79 (Reg.price $125) 
Paint Your Heart and Soul 2018 $89 (Reg.price $125)
Paint Your Heart and Soul 2019 – $99 (Reg.price $169)
Paint Your Heart and Soul 2020 $119 (Reg.price $169); this class is still ongoing, with support from the instructors and an active FB group! 

Stock up now and enjoy later, from the convenience of your own home and time.

Holiday Expo – the Biggest auction of the year!

We are very excited to let you know that our last for 2020 and the BIGGEST ART EXPO and auction is now open!

Each 24 hours we will have new artists with new artwork!
That means you will have 24 hours only to bid on each artwork.

We have a lot of GIVEAWAYS during this fun event – make sure to visit every day to see what is offered. Don’t forget to REFRESH your screens as with new FB you can’t see new posts unless you do so – slide up on your phone or F5 from desktop when visiting the auction:

Want to win a SURPRIZE e-print?

You don’t have to buy anything to participate in this Giveaway! Just guess how many artists are participating in Holiday Art Expo auction and post your guess in comments. Good luck! The winners will be announced via our auction newsletter by the end of the event. If you are not on the list yet you can join HERE

Big hugs and much love,



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