Holiday Postcard Exchange

Hello dear Friend,

Happy Holidays Season to you and your family!

Do you remember those days, when your mail box (I mean the real one) was filled not only with junk mail and bills, but also with real letters from family and friends. It was especially exciting during holiday season! As a child I was waiting for mailman to bring daily mail, because of postcards. It was fun to open the envelope and take out the card, look on the design and read hand written greetings. Those times now are pretty much over and most of the greetings we get electronically. I personally miss those old days and if you are like me, I hope you will like Holiday Postcard Exchange, especially handmade one!

To participate – Sign up below.

By signing up you promise to send your partner a handmade (by you) postcard for Holidays, not later then December 10. As simple as that! You will get a postcard from your assigned partner too! How fun!

L a s t  d a y  to sign up – November 30

Sign Up for Postcard Exchange:

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How it works:

After you signed up, you will be automatically added to the “Partners List”. Random generator will help me to assign a partner for you.

On December 3rd I will send you an email (to the email address you signed up with) with the name and email address of your partner. Your partner will receive your name and your email address as well. Then you can contact each other and exchange your addresses.

* Please make sure to add to “Contact List” in your email right away. You really have to do it, even if you got my previous emails, this is the only way to insure you will get it in your Inbox. (you can google “how to add email to contact list to …. (insert your email provider)

Have fun!

  • Please share with us the postcard you received – post it in our FB group HERE
  • please wait at least a week after you sent out yours before posting it. Let it be a surprise for your partner.

This activity is based on trust between you and your partner. All the communication regarding this exchange is between you and your partner only


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